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Oasis have teamed up with NME in a musical first, which will see the magazine release the sheet music and lyrics to three brand new album tracks -- 'Bag It Up', 'The Turning' and '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady' in an exclusive companion disc give-away. Packaged as an official collectable item featuring a unique Big Brother Recordings catalogue number, the Oasis 'NME Dig Out Your Soul Songbook' will be free with NME's September 17th issue and will also include a CD-Rom packed full of exclusive content and artwork. The songbook will invite fans to play the as-yet unheard tracks themselves by filming their efforts and uploading them to a dedicated microsite housed at . This radical move adds a new dimension to the 'free music' debate and encourages all you die hard fans out there to pick up your instruments! For more info, go here: Oasisinet.com: NME.com:

NME Dig Out Your Soul Songbook Смотреть онлайн

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